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College Coaches event registration

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DI Coaches:


Additional Packets:



DII Coaches:


Additional Packets:





Additional Packets:




As every coach has their preferences, we will be offering 3 different ways for you to register and receive your college coaches packet. 

Option 1: Hardcopy only. This will be the simple old school paper packet that many know and love! This is the simplest option!!

Option 2: Hardcopy & Digital Packet. Coaches will receive both a hard copy and digital packet. The digital packet will be provided by Recruitify. Registration for this will be done through Recruitify. There is a $25 additional fee for the Digital Packet for DI and $15 for all other schools.

Option 3: Live Stream only. If you are not able to attend but want to tune in, we will be offering a college coaches packet and live stream service for coaches via Be The Beast.

Purchase your packet for the event using the buttons below. All packet options are the price and include the same player information just in different formats.




As noted above, packets can be purchased in advance in three different manners.  Packets can also be purchased on site without issue with cash, check or credit card.

For every coach attending in person, you will get a hard copy of the packet on site. 

PACKET PICK UP LOCATION: We will have your hard copy available for you in the main hallway of the HyVee Arena (730 3rd Street  Des Moines, IA 50309). The main doors are on the east side of the building (between HyVee Hall and Wells Fargo arena, there will be signs as well).

PACKET PICK UP TIME: Packets will be available for pickup starting at 4pm on Tues, July 5th at HyVee Hall only. They will also be available starting at 7am each morning of the event at both HyVee Hall and MidAmerican RecPlex.

FREquently asked questions

What are the projected times for games on July 6-7-8? 

  • July 6 - first games start at 8:15a / last games start at 9:05p

  • July 7 - first games start at 8:15a / last games start at 9:05p

  • July 8 - first games start at 8:15a / last games start at 3:15p

What time will EYBL games be played on July 6-7-8?

  • July 6 - first games start at 9:45a / last games start at 8:15p

  • July 7 - first games start at 9:45a / last games start at 8:15p

  • July 8 - first games start at 9:45a / last games start at 2:15p

Where are games being played?

  • HyVee Hall (8 courts)

  • Community Choice Convention Center (2 courts - in same building as HyVee Hall)

  • MidAmerican RecPlex (6 courts)

Where will EYBL games be played on July 6-7-8?

  • All 16s/17s EYBL games will be played on courts at HyVee Hall 

What are the facility addresses?

  • Hyvee Hall: 730 3rd St  Des Moines, IA 50309

  • Community Choice Convention Center: 833 5th Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309

  • MidAmerican RecPlex: 6500 Grand Ave, West Des Moines, IA 50266

Do you have hotels setup for college coaches?

Do all coaches need a packet?

  • Yes, all coaches planning to attend will need to purchase a packet whether coming for 1 day or all days. Discounts are available for buying additional packets.

Where should we fly into?

  • The Des Moines International Airport (DSM) is just 5 miles from the venues

When and where an I pickup my packet? 

  • Packets will be available on July 5th starting at 4pm at HyVee Hall only. They will be available each morning starting at 7am at both HyVee Hall and the MidAmerican Recplex

Who do I contact with questions?

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Hotel Information

Below is a link with hotel options near the facility that can be used for college coaches as well to stay near the facility

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