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November 6 and/or 7


Ball In The Fall Shootout

Registration Fee:


Registration deadline:

October 27th


Games Guaranteed:

Games Start:

9:00 AM Saturday

Games Finish:

5:00PM Sunday

Maximum Number of teams:

Saturday (12) Sunday (30)

Game Length:

4th-6th (14 Min Stop Clock Halves)

7th-8th (16 Min Stop Clock Halves)


Facility A Name

200 E 9th St, Coralville | 5 Courts

Greenstate Family Fieldhouse
Greenstate Family Fieldhouse

Facility B Name

Hotel Information

Please email us at ATTACKTOURNAMENTS@GMAIL.COM for hotel block information

For questions about tournament registration or tournaments in general, please contact Jack Baumhover at or call 515.290.6162